Lost Internet Treasures

Our online lives have changed so much!   As part of updating my current blog, I faintly recalled the existence of a older one.  And when I visited that, I stumbled upon my almost lost website and a hobby from those days – probably 15 years ago.

Here’s the site, and it still works bhaskarns.tripod.com … well almost (Warning: lot of popup ads on that site now).  Constructed fully with HTML frames, tables, bullets, href, images … everything coded from scratch 🙂

My Website

Many of the formats and links do not work anymore … probably the browser doesn’t support some of those old HTML tags, and the links are to sites or businesses that doesn’t even exist!  But some friends back then were impressed by the site layout using frames.

I now recall having created a beautiful compilation of HTML basics in a two frame format, with sample code on the left frame, and formatted output on the right one.  I really wish I could find it.  A Google search shows lot of options these days, but none as simple as a side by side view.

Contents of my website brought good old memories.  From my college days, I used to follow OLGA (On-Line Guitar Archive) using a green screen text web browser – it took multiple attempts of keywords in Google search to get me its name now – Lynx, and it still exists!  But sad to note that www.olga.net is no longer there 🙁   However, some good folks have created a Wiki page talking about its history, which is good to know.

I also found a collection of really old photos of friends and my workplace mInfosys, as we used to call it.  Here are a couple of them … a very unique design indeed.

Another find was “RaagaReference.xls” – my compilation of popular Carnatic, bhajans and movie songs based on various raagas, which used to be my cue for raaga identification during concerts 🙂 More about that later.

Have you stumbled upon such treasures from your past?  Go ahead and comment …


  • Mahesh
    January 10, 2018 at 8:13 am

    Beginning to love your style and range if topics Bhaskar. Keep it on
    ..The blogs.

  • Mohit
    January 12, 2018 at 10:45 am

    These pictures remind me my first job.. lush greenery with heavy rains of Mangalore. Also these html tags remind me my first assignment in Infosys ,Building ASP pages for IKON application, reporting to you. ??

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