hobbycue is a social network and a marketplace for hobbyists and hobby communities.  Find a partner or teacher/expert, join a class or a workshop, find a place to practice, or shop for equipment and supplies pertaining to your hobby.


cue is a guiding suggestion or a hint, a prompt or a stimulus for action.  We believe everyone is a hobbyist.  They just may not explore or express enough.  And a cue is all that is needed to get them going.

hobbycue  – because we provide cues for your hobby  🙂  Brought to you by Purple Cues Pvt. Ltd.  You could take the cue from your community members, or cue them in based on your knowledge.  Read on and explore to know more …


Why hobbycue : Most social networks, search lists and websites today, cut across topics.  As part of our hobby, we may end up checking multiple sites and filter for topics of our interest.  What if your hobby is at the centre, with a community around it, and we aggregate everything that already exists, enrich with new content, and link them all?


What can you do : Sign-in with your e-mail, Google or Facebook login.  Update your profile to edit your location and hobbies.  Browse through content related to your hobbies or add new ones.  Join the community groups, post your queries or help others.  And do reach out to us with your ideas.  Login to view all the content.


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Team : Purnima and Bhaskar from Bangalore are the Co-Founding couple.  Between them, they have several hobbies in common, as well as individual talents in the family.   More about them and the team at http://hobbycue.com/team 


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