What is it like to be an artreprenuer?

Say, you have a hobby. You are an artist. Your hobby is your passion. You would like to take it to the next level. What is the option available to you? You can start selling your work online. If you have decided to start selling your work online, these are a few things to consider when starting off:

1. Choosing the right form of business entity – The most convenient form of business for your needs as a sole founder and artist is a sole proprietorship. The next best option is a one-person company where you could limit your liability and have distinct legal entity recognition. Depending on the risk exposure and convenience (both in terms of money and process), in my opinion, a sole proprietorship is ideal at the beginning of your business as an artist. There is no compulsory registration for a sole proprietorship. However, you will be required to comply with the necessary labour laws (for instance, the shops and commercial establishments Act), Professional tax and GST laws. A license or a registration certificate may have to be obtained to get your sole proprietorship functional. There are online platforms like vakilsearch (now called as Zolvit), IndiaFilings, which will help you with the registration. You could contact your chartered accountant, cost accountant or company secretary to help you out with this process.

2. Choosing a name for your business and marketing platforms – Choose a name for your business, and market it on social media, for instance, on Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube. You could use Youtube to record your work in progress and Instagram to market and sell your work. For delivery, you have services like Swiggy Genie, Porter, Dunzo, Speed Post and Courier. Do not forget to keep the target audience in mind and market accordingly. For instance, write blogs and showcase your work in flea markets. 

3. Create a website and an online shopping platform – here is where you could use instamojo to sell your artwork within India and etsy, for international sales. If it is outside India, do make sure you know the custom rules and regulations of the country you are shipping your artwork. You can always invest in your own website. 

I think with the above 3 points in mind, you are ready to take the next step as an artreprenuer. Good luck!


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