Lavanya Devi is one of the leading Mohiniyattam exponents of her generation. She has been pursuing Mohiniyattam both as a performer and researcher for over a decade. She learnt Bharatanatyam for many years under prominent gurus. She was initiated into the art by Kalamandalam Anita Babu at her school days. After that, she went onto learning Mohiniyattam from the renowned Mohiniyattam exponent Guru Prof. Dr Deepti Omchery Bhalla. She is carrying on the tradition of legendary Guru Kalamandalam Kalyanikutti Amma from her guru. Lavanya is particularly known for her sensitive Abhinaya and strong rhythmic command. she is impressive in the technical and emotive aspects of her dance. Lavanya's perspective of Mohiniyattam initiated her to specialise the new possibilities in Mohiniyattam with carrying the rich tradition and purity of the dance form to equip herself with the aesthetics of Mohiniyattam in significant relations to the primeval tradition of Kerala. A rare combination of intensity and spontaneity, Lavanya’s dance is noted for its strict adherence to the style of her guru, known for its grace, depth of expression and technical perfection. Lavanya's performances have always been a new experience for her awaiting audience. Her simple, elegant, minute expressions carry off the audience's thought deep into the reality of the theme of her dance. She gave a new dimension to the dance form by presenting Mohiniyattam Group performances which always drew the kind attention of the audience and showcased the elegance and simplicity of Mohiniyattam. She has shown an inimitable genius in choreographing new patterns and figures in her performances.

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House No. 840, Dilshad Gardens, Delhi-110095


House No. 840, Dilshad Gardens, Delhi-110095

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